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    Mens Swim Shorts - Matching father and son clothing designs and styles - swimming trunks - shown on the beach by two men in the jungle themed patters with elephants and parrots.

    Men's Swim Shorts

    Our luxuriously soft men's swim shorts are both stylish and versatile. A truly durable swimwear collection available in a range of eye-catching patterns, colours and prints for you to find your perfect Tom & Teddy swimwear piece. A real joy to wear, both in and out of the water - perfect for every beach or poolside wardrobe. 

    Turquoise Butterflies Men £69.95 £48.95
    Rose Flamingos Men £69.95
    Lavender & Blue Palms Men £69.95 £41.95
    Pool Blue Men £69.95
    Ice Blue Seagulls Men £69.95
    Sea Pink Seagulls Men £69.95 £41.95
    Paprika & Blue Rowan Men £69.95 £48.95
    Navy & Pink Fern Men £69.95 £48.95
    Blue Shells Men £69.95 £41.95
    Yellow Shells Men £69.95 £41.95
    Watermelon Men £69.95 £41.95
    Raspberry Flip Flops Men £79.95 £47.95
    Hot Coral Skin Men £79.95 £47.95
    Mulberry Skin Men £79.95 £47.95
    Steel Skin Men £79.95 £47.95
    Violet Kangaroos Men £79.95 £47.95
    Scuba Blue Solid Men £79.95
    Dandelion Kangaroos Men £79.95 £47.95
    Twilight Blue Men £79.95 £47.95