Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

It’s time to spoil Dad with a special treat that will make him laugh out loud, beam from ear to ear, softly chuckle and add a fond, nostalgic twinkle to his eye. Our gift guide this Father’s Day is all about fun, uplifting, humour-filled goodies that we know he’ll love. From novelties to comedies, there’s something here that’s guaranteed to bring out his biggest, broadest smile.

Unleash Dad's Inner Comedian

Consider giving Dad the gift of laughter with an Improv lesson. Whether in person or online, this unique experience offers Dad the opportunity to unleash his inner comedian, sharpen his wit, and embrace spontaneity.

Crack the Code to Fun

Looking to add a twist of adventure to Dad's Father's Day celebration? Why not treat him to a wine escape room game. Dad can put his problem-solving skills to the test as he cracks the code to unlock the crate containing bottle of delicious wine.

Level Up! With Matching Tees

Elevate Dad's style game this Father's Day with a pair of matching t-shirts that are sure to bring a smile to his face. These matching tees are the perfect way to show their unique connection as well as sharing some laughs along the way.

Unleash Dad's Competitive Spirit

Looking for a Father's Day gift that will put Dad's wit and creativity to the test? Based on the hit TV show, this interactive game challenges players to complete a series of hilarious and off-the-wall tasks that will have everyone in stitches. It's the ultimate game of wit, skill, and laughter that's guaranteed to make Father's Day a memorable one.

Relive The Laughs

Treat Dad to a nostalgic trip down memory lane this Father's Day with tickets to the Only Fools and Horses Musical. Based on the beloved TV series, this hit musical production brings the iconic characters and classic moments from Del Boy and Rodney's adventures to life on stage. With hilarious jokes, catchy tunes, and plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, Dad will be transported back to Peckham.

Make A Splash Together

Create unforgettable memories this Father's Day with matching swim shorts from Tom & Teddy. Designed for fathers and sons, Tom & Teddy offers a range of swimwear that celebrates the bond between generations. Crafted from premium quick-dry fabric and featuring vibrant prints and bold colors, these swim shorts are perfect for making a splash on any beach or by the pool.

Slam Dunk Fun

Score big with Dad this Father's Day by giving him a basketball bin. Perfect for the sports-loving Dad. He can practice his shooting skills as he aims to sink hoops with his dirty laundry. It's a slam dunk of a gift that adds a playful twist to household chores. Whether he's a basketball enthusiast or just loves a good game, the basketball bin is sure to be a hit.

Accessories With A Twist

Add a whimsical touch to Dad’s wardrobe with a pair of fun cufflinks. From iconic Superman symbols to playful octopus, turtle, and ice lolly designs, these playful cufflinks are sure to bring a smile to his face. There's a pair of cufflinks to suit every Dad's personality and interests.

Get Dad Rolling With Laughter

Take Dad on a nostalgic ride down memory lane this Father's Day with a vintage skateboard. Whether he's a seasoned skater or just loves retro collectibles, a vintage skateboard is sure to bring back fond memories of his youth.

Indulge Dad with Hotel Chocolat

Treat Dad to a decadent indulgence this Father's Day with a luxurious box of dipping chocolates. Renowned for their exceptional quality and exquisite flavors, Hotel Chocolat offers a tantalizing selection of handcrafted chocolates that are sure to impress even the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

Turn Up the Nostalgia

Combining vintage-inspired design with cutting-edge technology, this iconic radio is the perfect blend of retro charm and contemporary convenience. But don't let its vintage appearance fool you – this stylish radio is equipped with state-of-the-art features such as DAB/DAB+ digital radio, internet radio, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Make Dad's Day

A gift of matching swimmers to celebrate the man who always makes us laugh!

Make Dad's Day

A gift of matching swimmers to celebrate the man who always makes us laugh!

Make Dad's Day

A gift of matching swimmers to celebrate the man who always makes us laugh!