Garment Care Guide

How to care for your Tom & Teddy beachwear

With just a little bit of TLC, your Tom & Teddy beachwear will stay as good as new, year after year, season after season. All our pieces have been made to stand the test of time, but the harsh effects of sun, chlorine and saltwater will eventually break them down if they’re not washed or rinsed. Did you know that pool chemicals and salt corrode fabric and that the elastic in swimwear disintegrates, leaving your favourite pieces faded in colour and baggy in fit?

Follow these simple steps to keep your Tom & Teddy beachwear looking and feeling great for the long-haul.

Trunks and Rash Tops

  • After every swim, make sure you treat your trunks to a thorough rinse in cool water to wash out any swimming pool chemicals or saltwater residue. 

  • Machine wash your swimwear frequently on a cold cycle.

  • Always, always dry your Tom & Teddy swimwear in the shade – a combination of sunshine, chlorine and salt are no good for trunks - together they snap the elastic in waistbands and damage the fibres in the fabric.
  • <style="text-align: left;</>"Beach Polo Shirts
    1. Wash your beach polo regularly on a cold cycle to keep the Pima cotton fresh and soft.

    2. Always hang your shirt in the shade to avoid colour-fade, or you can throw it in a tumble dryer on a low-heat setting.