Dad-jokes: the punchline might be predictable.. but the laughs are guaranteed.

This Father’s Day, we’re honouring the humble dad-joke.  We’re acknowledging that Dad’s one-liners bring much more than just a little light-hearted relief.  By making his children laugh, or affectionately roll their eyes, he builds connection, diffuses tension and creates a true sense of togetherness and affection.

What did the grape do when he got stepped on?

... He let out a little wine.

What Dad Jokes Mean To Us

Since we launched our brand in 2012, we’ve always celebrated the very special bond between fathers and sons – how they inspire each other and the way their unique relationship evolves over time. Father’s Day is a dad’s special day, but we hope it’s also a happy, memorable occasion for the whole family. So enjoy our 2024 Dad Joke campaign as much as we loved creating it, and here’s to all the funny, silly, jokey dads out there!

Father & Son Sets

The big and little guys will be ready for plenty of fun and laughter at the beach or pool in our matching swimmers. This Father’s Day, go ahead and treat Dad and his best buddy to some super-soft, bold and bright Tom & Teddy trunks that they can wear all day long together, in or out of the water.

All Wrapped Up This Father's Day!

Make Dad’s swimwear treat extra special by presenting it in our new Father’s Day gift wrap, which includes a luxury Tom & Teddy gift box, navy tissue paper, orange striped ribbon and a matching personalised gift card.

Just add Gift Wrap at checkout and we’ll do the rest!

Transport yourself to Mexico with our Chilli swimmers in shades of zesty lime, red and brilliant blue, or navy with splashes of ice blue and orange. Designed for hot and sunny days on the sand, they’re full of fun and will put you in a (beach) party mood!

Father & Daughter Sets

 What do kids play when they have nothing else to do?

... Bored games.

Get Inspired

Father's Day Gift Guide 2024

Our gift guide this Father’s Day is all about fun, uplifting, humour-filled goodies that we know he’ll love.


The Ultimate Beach Kit

Just a few handy accessories, and a checklist of absolute essentials, will make all the difference when you’re planning a full day at the beach.


Kevin & Matthew

Kevin Gaskell and his son Matthew recently broke the world record as part of the fastest 5-man team to row across the Atlantic.